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Project Organization

ADVAGROMED is implemented over four research and development work package (WP), as well as in one (WP1) management and coordination WP and one (WP6) dedicated to the dissemination, exploitation and communication of the ADVAGROMED results. As far as research and development WPs are concerned, WP2 investigates local agricultural by-products as raw material to formulate efficient diets for insect, both black soldier fly and yellow mealworm. Bioconversion’s products (insect larvae and frass) are characterized (chemical composition, microbiological safety) for agricultural (WP4) and feed (WP3) purposes. In WP3, local poultry breeds in four Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Italy, Greece and Spain) are fed live larvae produced in WP2. At the end of trials, animal performance, animal health and products quality (meat & eggs) are investigated. WP4 deals with the use of insect frass and poultry manure in sustainable agricultural processes. The aim is to promote biofertilizers in different agricultural systems. WP5 assesses the environmental and economic impacts and consumer acceptance of novel farming systems. Finally, a strong interaction is forecasted among partners and with consumers and stakeholders.

work package