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Stakeholders & Related Projects


PROTIBERIA is a Spanish biotech company focused on the study of all the products derived from yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) and their potential uses and applications, mainly in the feed and food industry but also in the agricultural sector.

We use a unique blend to feed our mealworms, obtained from by-products of other local agroindustries, that confers a particular nutrient profile to our products, contributing to a shift towards a more circular economy of our societies.
We also develop specific technology and equipment to help improve and optimize the production process involved in the industrial rearing of yellow mealworm.

Our R+D department investigates new uses and applications of mealworm-derived products such as:

  • - full-fat and defatted mealworm powder for aquaculture, aviculture and pet industries.
  • - use of mealworm-derived oil and lipids in these industries.
  • - use of frass as a biofertilizer in Mediterranean crops (pistachio, saffron, viticulture, etc.), as well as in horticultural, ornamental and cereal sectors.
  • - Extraction and use of chitin and chitosan in the pharma, agricultural, cosmetic sectors, among others.

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